I like to paint. I like the smell of paint. I like the feel of paint. I like the possibilities of colour. I like making things with my hands.

I am gratified by the materialization of a visual idea. What I paint is usually about something, though not necessarily something that can be put into words.

My work is highly attentive to formal qualities: colour, shape and texture. These function in tandem with pictorial representation. They help illuminate conceptual ideas. I have explored visually: the feminine heroic quest; the kaffeeklatsch; portraiture; the Bluestocking intellectual group; place settings and dinnerware as expressions of emotion and commentaries on world events; being the mother of adolescents; time; time and space; and walls. I seek a response from the intellect and senses.

I have a B.Ed from the University of Lethbridge (1980) and a B.A. in Studio Art from the Augustana campus of the University of Alberta (1995). I have had exhibitions in public and private galleries in Winnipeg MB, Rosthern SK, Calgary AB, Edmonton AB, Lethbridge AB, and Camrose AB.

I live in Edmonton AB, where I paint, knit, garden and walk my dog.

rhonda.harder.epp [at] gmail [dot] com